Happy 4/20

It’s nice to see that momentum is building against authoritarian drug laws.

The best thing, to me, about the growing pot legalization movement isn’t that pot can help with any number of health conditions. It’s not the euphoria and insights that may accompany a bong hit. And it’s not that, by any standard, pot has immensely lower social and health costs than alcohol.

No, to me, it’s that marijuana legalization efforts undercut the agenda of the worst authoritarian elements of society: that on some deep and largely inexplicable level, the DEA and Tyson foods are part of the same cancer. That the assholes behind the meat industry, three strikes legislation, and the Partnership for a Drug Free America are worse than clueless — they’re people who are cut from the same cloth, people who systematically make America more intolerant, more stupid, and more unkind.

I’d like to think Thoreau would be out there on a campus lawn today, rolling a joint in protest of America’s drug laws. Because I’ve got this sense that when marijuana prohibition comes crashing down, Sauron will get a stick in its eye, and animal liberation will come into sight.