Harvard Crimson: “Inspire Students to Eat Less Meat”

Harvard’s campus newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, just published an editorial stating that the university should become more vegetarian friendly:

[Harvard University Dining Services] and student groups should inform undergrads about the impact of their meat consumption on the environment, which might inspire students to eat less meat. Lowell House already has a remarkable student initiative that aims to do just that by encouraging students to sign up for “Meatless Mondays,” vowing to refrain from meat-eating once a week.

The issue of vegetarianism carries weight for numerous reasons in modern society, and the Vegetarian Society should be commended for bringing the debate to Harvard. Together, HUDS and student initiatives can inform the student body about the environmental benefits of eating less meat and encourage students to rethink their food consumption.

What’s remarkable about this piece is that it’s not a letter to the editor. This piece is credited to the Crimson staff. I’ve never before seen a campus newspaper embrace vegetarian eating so strongly. Link.