Why Healthy Fast Food Tastes Awful

Last Updated: September 5, 2009

Yesterday I asserted that KFC’s foray into roasted chicken is doomed, because roasted chicken has little flavor, and what flavor it has is unpleasant. I just stumbled upon this old Slate article from 2003 that takes a closer look at the mediocrity that invariably occurs when the big fast food chains try to come up with healthy offerings. A choice quote from the article:

Based on my own “research,” I’d say that aside from the obviously not healthy Cobb salad at McDonald’s, the new menu items were almost inedible and for the most part revolting. I found it nearly impossible to get beyond the third bite.

The un-retouched photos that accompany this story are enough to make you lose your appetite. I don’t think many of the offerings featured in this piece are still being sold, and it’s not hard to see why. Link.

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