Horse Racing Loses More Luster

Another brilliant New York Times piece by William C. Rhoden exposing horse racing’s dirty laundry. Rhoden writes of Big Brown:

He blew away the field at the Kentucky Derby. He made the Preakness field look like circus ponies. But on the day that would solidify his legacy and give racing a respite from intense scrutiny, Big Brown crumbled. He crumbled so badly that one could legitimately wonder whether he was nothing but a chemical horse, a paper tiger propped up — and propelled — by steroids. After three months of dominance, Big Brown became the first Triple Crown hopeful to finish dead last at the Belmont Stakes.

Dead last. Amazing for a horse who most observers thought would run past the others as if they were standing still. Horse racing desperately needed the hype of a Triple Crown winner to draw attention away from the deaths of Eight Belles and Barbaro. But now, all horse racing has are new questions about the entire industry’s legitimacy. Link.