How Egg Factories Ravaged Iowa

Beautifully written New York Times article by Verlyn Klinkenborg, offering a personal and heartfelt account of how factory egg farms have mutilated rural Iowa:

Instead of people on the land, committed to the welfare of the agricultural enterprise and the resources that make it possible, there was this horror — a place where millions of chickens are crowded in tiny cages and hundreds of laborers work in dire conditions.

Since Klinkenborg grew up in the part of Iowa that’s since been taken over by the egg facilities at the center of this recall, he’s in a unique position to write passionately about this region and all that’s been lost from the arrival of factory farms.

This has the feel of a piece that was cut off about one-third of the way through, just as it was gathering steam. But no matter. Articles like this are making it impossible for anyone who pays attention to the news to remain oblivious to the evils of factory farming. Link.