How To Lose Friends and Not Influence People

This video’s worth seeing, even though it’s hard to watch, but then the truth is often difficult. It concerns a veggie activist who is encouraged to be as loud, strident, and judgmental as possible — in an ongoing effort to attract greater attention to vegetarianism and to keep more animals from harm

It becomes a vicious cycle, with him having to top himself each time. At the end of the video, he’s probably won a few new vegetarians, and he’s earned a few dollars. But it’s come at the price of antagonizing millions, and getting them to permanently regard vegetarians as dickheads.

Along the way, there’s a funny and perceptive analysis of the situation that’s full of post-modern recursive meta weirdness.

The only problem is that this video is being seen by loads of omnivores who manage to miss the whole point of the piece. So YouTube’s got plenty of comments like this one:

Nice attempt at rationalization.
Off to McDonalds I go.
Regardless of how aggressive you are with rhetoric.

The quickest way to lose faith in humanity is by spending ten minutes reading YouTube comments. Anyway, check out the video.