How Welfare Reforms Shrink Animal Agribusiness

If anyone has any doubts that welfare reforms, such as banning battery cages and gestation crates:

  • raise the cost of meat, milk, and eggs
  • reduce the total production of these foods
  • weaken the economic clout of animal agribusiness

two articles from this past month demonstrate these points clearly.

The first is a long Associated Press article that summarizes the effects of the anti-cruelty campaigns launched by the Humane Society of the United States. I doubt there’s a better article to read to get a handle on how HSUS’s farmed animal tactics have evolved since Wayne Pacelle took over as CEO about five years ago.

The second piece is Dr. Simon M. Shane’s “How to Destroy an Industry?” This piece is dull as dirt, but it makes an irrefutable case that total egg production drops in countries that switch from battery cages to cage-free. (Via Shapiro.)


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