HSUS Files FTC Complaint Against Rose Acre Farms

In case you need further proof that animal agribusiness is run by some of the most untrustworthy people alive today, check out what the überdickheads at Rose Acre Farms are trying to get away with.

If Rose Acre Farms rings any bells, it’s because barely two months ago the Humane Society of the United States issued a horrifying video revealing some of the farm’s cruel practices.

Well, guess what? Despite the release of the video, the company is now claiming that it offers a “humane and friendly” environment for its hens.

Basically, when a factory farm says something, you need to assume it’s a lie. Happily, HSUS just filed a complaint with the FTC in an effort to get Rose Acre to stop deceiving its customers about its welfare standards. (Via Shapiro.) Link.