HSUS Files Second Complaint Against Seaboard Farms

HSUS just filed a second SEC/FTC complaint against pork producer Seaboard Farms, the subject of an undercover investigation released two weeks ago:

In Seaboard’s news release following the investigation, the company defends its permanent immobilization of pigs in gestation crates as standard “U.S. industry practices,” despite repeated representations in other public materials that exceeding industry standards is “what separates Seaboard from other companies.”

“There’s simply no rational way the company can profess on the one hand to stand out from competitors on animal welfare and then revert to a claim of ‘industry standard practices’ when defending its mistreatment of animals,” says Jonathan Lovvorn, chief counsel and senior vice president of animal protection litigation for The HSUS. “Locking animals in gestation crates is simply indefensible, as is misleading investors and the public about that abuse.”

Seaboard’s problem is that they’ll just say whatever is convenient at the moment, truth be damned. They’re not smart enough to decide on a story and stick to it. Link.