HSUS Releases Investigation Video of Two Oklahoma Pork Farms

The investigation, released Tuesday, spotlights gestation crate cruelties at two major Oklahoma pork facilities: Seaboard and Prestage. Some chilling images are present in an extraordinarily well produced video. It’s hard to imagine that Walmart, which buys pork from Seaboard, won’t feel compelled to reconsider its animal welfare guidelines.

Gestation crates, like battery cages, are doomed thanks to the marriage of undercover investigations and the publicity that YouTube makes possible. And assuming that the bill to ban battery cages passes, we can count on groups like the Humane Society and Mercy For Animals to continue to publicize the unconscionable cruelties of gestation crates at every turn.

Please do whatever you can to share this video through Facebook, Twitter, and email. We need to seize this moment to inform the general public about why gestation crates need to be outlawed. Gestation crates are gonna go regardless, but with your help they’ll go sooner rather than later.

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