HSUS Releases Veal Slaughterhouse Cruelty Video

HSUS today released yet another cruelty video, this time documenting horrendous conditions and unconscionable cruelties at a Vermont veal slaughterhouse. The USDA responded to the video by immediately shutting down the plant.

Not a bad time to revisit a quote from the Animal Agriculture Alliance that I blogged this past month:

The Alliance strongly encourages, and will assist with as possible, a thorough investigation of all reports of mistreatment, and if the investigation information confirms that acts of animal cruelty occurred, then all individuals involved should be held accountable, disciplined, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – including those who participated in such acts solely for the purpose of recording them.

Agribusiness doesn’t want to see extreme animal cruelty done away with, it wants the people who inform the public about this cruelty thrown in jail. Something to keep in mind when watching the video below. USDA Press Release Link. HSUS Summary Link.


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