HSUS Targets IHOP Cruelty Deception

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a restaurant chain so brazenly lie to its customers. IHOP (The International House of Pancakes), says on its website that it offers, “Cruelty-Free Food.” And yet the chain sources all its eggs from battery hens.

Happily, HSUS is on the case, and has filed a complaint with the FTC about this deceptive statement. The complaint has led to a terrific Associated Press article that was published this morning.

It’s also worth taking a gander at the HSUS press release, which quotes its president Wayne Pacelle:

The only thing more jarring than IHOP’s false statements is the amount of animal cruelty in its supply chain. It’s time for IHOP to follow the lead of its competitors and start purchasing and selling cage-free eggs.

Prediction: we don’t reach 2010 without IHOP announcing that it will begin sourcing cage-free eggs (Via Shapiro.)