HSUS “The Schoolyard Bully”

Frank Losey, an attorney who looks remarkably like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, says:

HSUS has demonstrated an ability to destroy the image of so many wonderful and caring people. They have deceived the American public. It feeds on itself and builds on itself. They can orchestrate the confiscation of your animals. They can sue you, destroy you and take away your freedom to own animals that you have cared for and loved your entire life. They can force you to deplete all your resources to defend yourself. They are like the schoolyard bully. They are so successful because they have an obscene amount of money. They have a propaganda and lobbying machine unlike anything else.

Hilarious. HSUS is more like the big kid in the school with nothing to prove, who intervenes whenever he sees bullying going on. Their effectiveness has little to do with money and much to do with their persistence in shining the spotlight on cruelties that an informed public would never accept. Link.