Huffington Post Reviews Great Chefs Cook Vegan

The Huffington Post has published a favorable review of Great Chefs Cook Vegan. It’s got a helpful concluding paragraph on who this book will — and won’t — appeal to:

Although some of the chefs used tofu, there was no seitan or tempeh to be found in Great Chefs. Instead there is an emphasis on vegetables, grains and mushrooms, the go-to ingredient for non-veg chefs cooking for a vegan. The recipes in this beautiful book are labor intensive and not for Tuesday nights after work. They are better suited for an adventurous cook preparing for a dinner party, especially if the cook has time to go to a gourmet market to find some carrageenan and wakame.

In other words, if what you want is everyday recipes, you’ll be much better served by purchasing a go-to book like The Peaceful Palate. Great Chefs is the book to get when you want to impress guests with something fancy. Link.