Hunting with Flintlocks

There’s nothing more contemptible than a hunter with a thesaurus, as this trollish New York Times piece by Seamus McGraw demonstrates.

McGraw breathlessly romanticizes killing deer with unreliable, antiquated firearms. After botching his shot (probably due to his choice of weapon) and grievously wounding a deer, McGraw contends, not once, but twice, “I hate to kill.”

People who hate to kill don’t go out into the woods with firearms.

McGraw continues:

To kill with a flintlock, you must get close. And because these ancient guns are notoriously balky and inaccurate, there is a very good chance that you’ll miss your target altogether or, worse, that you’ll simply wound the creature and in so doing, inflict greater suffering than is necessary. And so you take every precaution to make sure that your one shot is clean, that it kills quickly and mercifully. And still, sometimes you fail, just as I did that late afternoon in midwinter when I flinched as my gun went off.

McGraw has just delivered a better argument for outlawing hunting by flintlock than any animal rights person ever could, and yet he doesn’t even realize he’s done so. Link.