I Need Your Help

This 21-Day series of daily VegTalk podcasts I’ve committed to is taking ridiculous amounts of my time. But, six shows in, I think they’re by far the best podcasts I’ve done, in terms of material, presentation, and recording quality.

I’ve now recorded almost an hour of audio in the series. And while I recognize that this introductory vegan information isn’t of great interest to many long-time vegans who visit Vegan.com, I could really use your help in getting this stuff heard by the right people.

Please give some thought to everyone you know who’s interested in going veggie, or who wants to get more veggie foods in their diets, and send them here.

If you’ve got a blog, a MySpace page, or a Facebook page, you’re also welcome to link to our Vegan Challenge page using our 21-Day Challenge banner, which includes a photo of Oprah kindly supplied by celebrity photographer Alan Light. If you do that, please let me know, and I’ll be your BFF.