If a Vegan Comes to Dinner

Wow, I just love this piece that appeared in last week’s News & Observer. It’s a gracious, useful, and stylishly written guide for omnivores who are having vegans over for Thanksgiving. And it just nails its description of what it can be like to be a vegan dinner guest:

Here’s a clue: the vegans or vegetarians coming to your house for Thanksgiving aren’t expecting much; they’ve been burned too many times before.

This is what awaits them: the carving of a dead bird in their presence; side dishes mistakenly made with chicken broth or dairy products, which they can’t eat; and jokes about their diet.

As a host, no one wants a dinner guest to have such low expectations, let alone have them fulfilled. So here are a few suggestions to make your vegan or vegetarian guest feel truly welcome at your table.

What follows is genuinely helpful. This should be required reading for any omnivore who invites a vegan for Thanksgiving. Link.


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