Iowa Farm Bureau’s Hidden Camera Hypocrisy

It’s interesting to learn that the Iowa Farm Bureau relies on hidden cameras: they’ve just used the footage from one such camera to fire a member of their staff. According to police, the man: “would pick out the attractive females and then on off-hours, he would come into work, go to their desk [sic] and urinate on their chairs.”

None of this would be worthy of mention were it not for the fact that the Iowa Farm Bureau was a key supporter of Iowa’s Ag-Gag law. Compassion Over  Killing sums the situation up nicely:

Apparently, the Farm Bureau opposes the use of cameras by animal advocates to document bad behavior, but supports using them to catch its own staff relieving themselves on coworkers’ chairs.

Some days, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be able to blog about animal agribusiness. (Via Compassion Over Killing.) Link.