Jack Norris, B12, and Honest Advocacy

Last Updated: October 11, 2010

Regarding Jack’s recent B12 post on “mild” B12 deficiencies, a Vegan Outreach blog reader writes:

I wish I had read this months ago! I went through hell this past summer, thinking I had MS. Fortunately, my symptoms turned out to be a result of a “slight” B12 deficiency. I am living proof that this is no joke. Fortunately, my B12 levels are now well into the normal range and my symptoms have disappeared. Thank you for spreading the word.

Vegan Outreach cofounder Matt Ball publicly responds:

These folks stuck with their compassionate diet until they were fortunate enough to find a way to fix their troubles. But many, if not most new vegans in similar situations wouldn’t stay vegan (and some will dedicate themselves to bashing veganism). This is just another reason we need to be knowledgeable and honest — with ourselves and others.

Integrity is an important part of effective advocacy. Link.