Jack Norris Reviews Wartman’s “Not Soy Fast”

Last December, CivilEats.com ran, “Not Soy Fast,” an article by Kristin Wartman that warns that soy poses all sorts of terrifying health risks, ranging from Alzheimer’s, to reduced sperm counts, to breast cancer.

Was Wartman’s piece based on good science, or was it just the usual soy bashing hack job? Jack Norris, RD has spent months reviewing 130 studies related to the article, and has just published a response that exposes stunning incompetence on Wartman’s part. It’s at once understated and brutal; if you like this sort of thing, it’s the best article since Ginny Messina’s review of The Vegetarian Myth.

CivilEats is a great site, but they blew it by publishing “Not Soy Fast.” To protect their reputation and for the sake of not leading more of their readers astray they should waste no time in taking down Wartman’s now-discredited piece. Link.