Jane Brody Reviews Michael Pollan’s Food Rules

The New York Times’ longtime nutrition reporter, Jane Brody, has just written an effusively praiseful review of Michael Pollan’s new book, Food Rules.

Pollan, as I’ve said before, lets his readers down for never confronting the subject of vegetarianism (let alone veganism) in a direct, informed, and honest way. When he was recently called out for his adage to eat “mostly plants,” he only got more evasive and defensive.

Still, the reality is that we live in a world in which many people would struggle to eat a single meatless meal, let alone go vegan for a day or a week. So, in this respect, Pollan is very much the kindergarten teacher, helping people take some baby steps toward a diet that has some level of sanity.

Pollan seems incapable of writing a book or article that doesn’t piss me off in some respect, and some of his writing likely annoys you as well. But readers of Vegan.com are hardly his intended audience. It’s a bit like being an adult who is forced to sit through Barney or Spongebob Squarepants episodes.

Yet we all have family and friends who would be highly receptive to Pollan’s elementary, and flawed, words of wisdom. In my recent conversation with Eating Animals author Jonathan Safran Foer, Foer stressed the importance of convincing people to take the next step rather than the last step. And for all his flaws, perhaps nobody is more likely than Pollan to convince die-hard meat eaters to take their very first steps. Link.

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