Jon Camp Hits Number 700,000

Last Updated: May 5, 2011

Jon Camp, Vegan Outreach’s director of outreach, has just handed out 700,000 booklets. I often talk about animal millionaires—people who have personally kept a million animals out of factory farms and slaughterhouses. Jon’s one many times over.

He just returned from a 60-day road trip last week. Here are his stats: 42 schools leafleted, 43,044 students reached, 9365 miles driven. Talk about total dedication—most normal people would fall apart after a week on a schedule like that.

If you want to support this sort of outreach, here’s a great opportunity. Jon’s looking to raise five grand for Vegan Outreach by running a half marathon this summer. So far he’s just $890 of the way there. Let’s give him a push toward his $5000 goal as a way of saying thanks for his unrelenting efforts.