Jonathan Safran Foer on Martha Stewart

Jonathan Safran Foer and I have been exchanging emails, and the one he
sent me yesterday was too good to keep just to myself. So, with his
permission, here’s what he’s been up to this week:

I was on Martha Stewart today, along with the director of Food, Inc., a veg chef, and a family farmer. I couldn’t possibly have been more impressed by how Martha handled things. Firstly, to devote an entire show to the horrors of the meat industry without feeling a need to offer the industry a voice. Secondly, she came right out and said the meat industry is bad. She didn’t mince her words. She wasn’t cagey or indirect. She spoke plainly and openly about the secrecy, about how they went after Oprah, about how they torture animals (her words), about how she’s going to have a vegetarian Thanksgiving. She told her audience, “You’ll probably agree with just about all of the conclusions in Jonathan’s book.” Frankly, she came off as further down the spectrum than I did.

The video is not currently available on Stewart’s website. Shoot me an email if you find it somewhere.