Kim Stallwood Proposes New Strategy to Fight Fur

Persuasive piece by Kim Stallwood arguing that the only way to make lasting gains against the fur industry is to attack it with the sort of cruelty bans that have been used to great effect against battery cages:

The animal rights movement is failing on the anti-fur campaign. And it should know better after decades of activity. The problem? The movement indulges the fur industry by framing the wearing of fur as a cruelty-free lifestyle choice issue. So, the mindset is that if fashion designers want to use fur, well, that’s their prerogative. If people want to wear fur, well, that’s their choice too.

Instead of framing fur as a personal lifestyle choice issue and essentially working with the fur trade in some sort of bizarre tango of anti and pro, the animal rights movement should be implementing a long-term strategy targeting the production of fur as a public policy issue. For example, where are the legislative initiatives regulating how animals are raised for fur and how they are killed? Use public sympathy for the way in which animals are raised and killed to get laws passed making the production of fur that much more expensive.

When you’re losing the war it’s time to change course. Link.