LA Times on Michael Vick

Here’s a pragmatic LA Times editorial on Michael Vicks’ partnership with HSUS:

This page doesn’t always agree with Humane Society initiatives, but the organization’s partnership with Vick is a smart move. A pattern of cruelty to animals often starts at a young age — Vick himself was exposed to dogfighting at age 8. The Humane Society, whose members tend to be white and middle class, doesn’t have a lot of influence with inner-city kids, but in Vick it has found someone uniquely suited to educate them. There’s little doubt that Vick needs the image boost this public-service stint can provide, but the society needs him just as much.

What you feel about Vick probably depends on whether your top priority is making his life as miserable as possible, or whether your main objective is to destroy dogfighting. Pick one. (Via Shapiro.) Link.


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