Link Roundup for Humane Society’s Smithfield Complaint

I blogged yesterday about the complaint that the Humane Society filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, over false and misleading statements made by Smithfield foods in its “Taking the Mystery Out of Pork Production” videos.

The story has been picked up by several top media outlets, including the Associated Press, the Chicago Tribune, and the Virginia Pilot.

But if you read just one piece about this story, make it James McWilliams’ new article in the Atlantic.

It’s a big deal that this story is getting a lot of play because Smithfield is about to get caught in a lie—and lots of reporters are paying attention. As the public gets better informed, gestation crates are quickly becoming the new veal crates. I expect this controversy to end either with Smithfield dumping gestation crates, or with McDonald’s imposing a crate ban on all its suppliers. (Thanks, Paul.)

Update: Even more coverage from Time and Inside Scoop SF.