Link Roundup: Jewish Community Reaction to Agriprocessors

It’s been six hours since I blogged this, starting that entry with, “Wow, does this ever get under my skin…”

At the time, I couldn’t articulate what it was about this story that bothered me so. Now I’ve realized. If you look throughout the animal rights movement, an amazingly high percentage of the most effective people are Jewish. So to have the key organization for America’s Conservative Jewish movement refuse to take a firm stand on the Agriprocessors scandal is crushingly disappointing. The animals and the Jewish faith alike deserve better.

Well, it turns out that the Reform and Orthodox movement have lagged behind even the Conservatives on this issue. Someone in the Jewish community who is closely following matters, and prefers to remain anonymous, sent me this terrific link roundup:

From the Jewish Labor Committee.



From an Orthodox website.