Major Anti-Battery Progress in Germany

Here’s an update I received from German cage-free campaigner Mahi Klosterhalfen.

A spokesperson of REWE just called to inform me that they are going cage-free later this year. REWE is Germany’s largest retail group, and owns two large supermarket chains. With this announcement, almost all the top food retailers in Germany either refuse to carry cage eggs, or have announced plans to quickly phase them out.

This victory is especially sweet because a couple of weeks ago, German battery egg producers were applauding REWE for giving the new style of cage (the “colony cage”) a chance. I guess REWE changed their position because it’s becoming clear that the German public no longer considers caged eggs acceptable.

It’s incredible to see what’s been happening to the German egg industry over the past year or two. Mahi and Compassion in World Farming deserve huge credit.