Mangling the Truth About Bacon Flu

This is twelve days old, but so good I’ve got to post it. It’s the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s press release on bacon flu.

I love, love, love this piece. It’s got the grammatically correct but stiltedly simplistic phrasing of a smart seventh-grader’s book report, and the opening kicks ass:

The Animal Agriculture Alliance is extremely dismayed, but not surprised, to learn that a number of groups have attempted to use the recent outbreak of H1N1 influenza to advance their anti-modern agriculture and animal rights agendas.

But it gets better, with the money quote coming from the group’s Executive Vice President, Kay Johnson Smith — who apparently wasn’t content being born with the second most common surname in America. Anyway, her claim here is amazing:

Attempting to connect modern farming and ranching to the current flu outbreak is a huge stretch and is completely irresponsible.

I’ve got to wonder what parallel bizarro universe these people live in, where they believe their interests are advanced by issuing a press release like this. It’s confirmed that the bacon flu virus has both pig and bird sequences embedded — the connection between animal agriculture and bacon flu is therefore indisputable. To issue a statement like the above is as nutty as the creationist assertions that Noah had dinosaurs on his ark.

You know, the amazing thing here is that animal agriculture has the money to hire top-quality people to do their PR — people who could represent the factory farming side in an intelligent and basically honest way. But instead, we constantly see animal agriculture undercut its own interests by issuing drivel like this that any informed person can discredit. Link.