Marion Nestle on “Forks Over Knives” and Dairy Health Risks

One of the most respected mainstream dietitians, Marion Nestle, just wrote about the Forks Over Knives film, and argues that the health arguments against dairy aren’t nearly as strong as the arguments against meat.

I ran this article past Vegan for Life coauthor Ginny Messina, who agrees with Nestle’s assessment, and adds:

With the exception of a possible relationship between dairy consumption and prostate cancer (which she mentioned), it’s next to impossible to build a case linking dairy consumption to increased cancer or any other chronic disease. That’s why I avoid the whole topic and stick with vegan ethics.

It’s sad that a substantial portion of the vegan community takes it as a matter of faith that there’s a strong connection between dairy and cancer. Dairy is an awful food for a variety of reasons, but the cancer argument doesn’t appear to pass muster.

I took a lot of heat for downplaying the health arguments for veganism in my book Meat Market, but as time goes by it’s looking increasingly clear that I made the right call.