Mark Bittman on Vegan Sushi

Hands down the best Bittman column in at least a year. It sounds as though he’s getting more concerned about declining fish populations.

Once you skip the fish, you don’t have to worry about its freshness, sustainability (the seeming omnipresence of bluefin tuna in most sushi bars is horrifying) or even its quality.

You don’t have to be ashamed of your slicing technique, and you need not buy tiny quantities of a dozen different kinds of seafood. You get to eat all the rice you want. And, yes, it’s fun. You can even become good at it.

Think about it: sushi without seafood, sushi without restaurants and sushi without spending $80 a person. It’s an appealing option.


What wasn’t easy was getting the forms right. But I could become good at this; we all could. And the overall experience of my homemade, fish-less sushi? Worry-free, guilt-free, inexpensive and delicious.

Very strange that he calls only for short-grain white rice, not indicating the existence of sushi rice. And he unfortunately lists sliced meat and eggs as two of the two dozen or so fish-free options. But still, this article is going to get a ton of people experimenting with veggie sushi, and it’s got all the information you need to get started. Link.