Mark Morford on John Mackey and Whole Foods Market

I read most of Mark Morford’s columns because even when he bugs me, he’s almost always thought provoking and entertaining. His latest piece, on the Whole Foods Market boycott, is brilliant—far and away the best thing by Morford I’ve read to date:

Look. There will always be those who whine and nitpick about a place like Whole Foods. There will always be a certain strain of overzealous lefties who will never be satisfied, no matter what Mackey (or the Dems, or Obama, or the courts) say or do. Like the religious fundies who were so angry at Bush because he didn’t imprison all gays, ban abortion and bring the Rapture, hardcore lefties will always find things to hate about imperfect corporations, simply because they’re imperfect corporations.

Go read the whole thing. I believe the vegan movement would be much, much further along today if most vegans were as pragmatic as Morford is in this article. Link.