Massive Slaughter of Cows Underway

The dairy industry has embarked on an unprecedented slaughter binge, as milk prices have dipped to the point that only the most productive cows are worth keeping. If trends persist, dairy operators will cull their herds of more than 1.5 million cows this year:

The new [milk] price was the biggest one-month drop in 54 years in California and doomed cow No. 4424, a fat Holstein who instinctively lumbers to her place in the milk line but has become an economic liability at Souza’s dairy.

“She’s not giving enough milk,” Souza said as he scanned computer records showing output for each of his 900 milkers. “She can’t stay here.”

This seems a good time to remind milk-drinking readers that every drop of milk comes from cows who will inevitably be sent to slaughter, unless they die prematurely from injury or disease. (Thanks, Jim). Link.