Meat Markets by the Case


I’ve got thirteen cartons of “Limited Advance Printing” Meat Markets — with their special butcher-paper style covers — left in storage, and I’ve decided to blow them out over the holidays. These are beautifully designed hardcover books printed to the highest standards.

There are two ways I could do this. I could book a dozen or so speaking events, or I could sell them by the case at my printing cost. I’ve decided to take the latter route, so that I can keep throwing all my energies into blogging and writing.

I’m continually hearing stories of people who’ve passed out copies of Meat Market to their friends, and have had the people in their lives make big changes in diet. So I’m going to make it cheap and easy for you to give all your friends and family a hardcover copy of my book for the holidays.

Just $149 gets you a box of 28 hardcovers, free shipping included. Plus, I’ll throw in a twenty minute phone call about anything you want to talk about: activism, veggie eating, the New York Giants, whatever. Such a deal, but hurry since I expect these thirteen boxes to go quickly.

Finally, if you’re with a veggie meetup group, these would make sensational low-cost door prizes. Shoot me an email if you’d like to grab a box.

Update: A reader writes: “Save me a case of books! I think I want to start giving out books for gifts. Since [Meat Market was] one of the reasons I decided to go vegan, it makes it that much more personal.”