Meat Market’s Final Days

I’ve got some sad news: on January 1st, 2010, I’m going to be forced to take Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, & Money out of print. It’s not that the book has failed commercially — more than 80 percent of the 6000 retail paperbacks I printed have already sold, and given another couple of years my remaining inventory would sell out. The problem is that my distributor just changed my terms to such an extent that I can no longer afford to keep the book in distribution. Any unsold books after January 1st will be pulped, or, if I’m lucky, sold at a pittance to a remainder house.

This makes me sad for several reasons: the waste, the loss of income, and the fact that books which could make a difference to so many animals are going to be destroyed. So I hope that you’ll consider, between now and the holidays, picking up a few books for friends, family, and library donations. Meat Market also makes perfect padding if you’re planning to order Eating Animals and want to qualify for free shipping. Every copy you buy is a book that, thanks to you, won’t get pulped.

Anytime you follow my links to Amazon and order anything from their site, you’re helping me keep my daily blog at going. This holiday season, I hope you’ll pick up several copies of Meat Market while they are still available. I personally see the orders come in for each book, and I always consider each of these orders as a show of appreciation for my daily writing.



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