Megan McArdle on Santa Cruz Arsonists

My fellow vegan blogger Megan McArdle just posted her take on the Santa Cruz arsonists. I totally agree with her conclusion and, since her piece is so short, I’m re-posting it in its entirety:

I tend not to go in for conspiracy theories, so I’m going to assume that the attacks on animal researchers in California are pretty much what they look like: animal rights terrorists. Now is a good time for animal rights types to resoundingly condemn these criminals with no ifs, ands, or buts. The attacks are not merely utterly immoral, which should by itself have shut them down; they’re totally counterproductive. There will never be a group of animal rights extremists large and well-funded enough to actually have any effect on the medical research industry (thankfully). Meanwhile, every attack sends the message that animal welfare types are the kind of people who think it is okay to bomb someone’s house in order to . . . shut down medical research. The people who could be persuaded to give up fur, or buy humane meat, or eat less meat, or even go vegetarian or vegan, close their ears. Way to win one for the industrial farmers, guys.

If you haven’t subscribed yet to Megan’s RSS feed, you should. She’s probably the most influential vegan blogging today, and her pieces are uniformly well-informed and carefully thought out. Link.