Megan McArdle Interviews Raj Patel

As the food crisis becomes more deeply entrenched in American consciousness, Raj Patel is shaping up to be one of the top analysts of how society should respond. In this 86-minute video interview, The Atlantic’s Megan McArdle discusses just about every key aspect of the situation with Patel: public health, individual responsibility, the world bank, basic nutrition, and plenty more.

Most of the time when academics debate food issues, they get some key things laughably wrong. But there’s nothing in this piece I can criticize. It’s an exceptional discussion of all things related to food policy. I’ve featured a few links to McArdle’s blog over the past couple months. I subscribe to her RSS feed, and consider her one of the best informed and most articulate vegans on the scene today.

One last thing, just in case you get zapped too. My video stream broke more than an hour into this piece, so I downloaded the MP3 to listen to the final minutes. Link.