Minneapolis StarTribune: “It’s Time to Talk About the Ethics of Food”

Over the next decade, veganism probably poses little danger to agribusiness. But Pollanism is an immediate and severe threat, particularly in regions where agribusiness’ roots are strongest, as evidenced by this lengthy and passionate opinion piece in the Minneapolis StarTribune:

If the ethics of food stands at the intersection of health, well-being, enjoyment and saving money, then it stands at the center of Minnesota’s future.

We are a center of agribusiness — Cargill, General Mills, Pillsbury, Hormel — and a center of farming. We are also a center for health care: Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, St. Jude’s, University of Minnesota Medical School, UnitedHealth Group, HealthPartners and others.

Minnesota is also known for leadership in ethics and philanthropy. We are a state that can blend these considerable commercial strengths, professional talents and public sensibilities to articulate and champion ethical standards for food and health.

Agribusiness can live with pieces like this being published in Portland or Los Angeles. But for this article to appear in Minnesota’s top newspaper proves that Pollanism has become entrenched even where agribusiness is strongest. Link.