More Anti-Vegan Idiocy from Nina Planck

Shoot me now. Alexandra Le Tellier, a reporter with a self-described “strong sense of news judgment,” quotes universally acknowledged buffoon Nina Planck as if Planck has any credibility or credentials when it comes to speaking about nutrition. That makes this Planck’s second vegan-bashing appearance in a major news outlet this week (I wrote about the first one here.)

Here are Planck’s latest words of wisdom:

We have extraordinary needs for nutrients not found in plants.

We absolutely need B-12, which isn’t found in plants—but that’s cheaply delivered by a vegan supplement. And Planck’s “extraordinary needs” claim is a bunch of bullshit. Once again, Planck shows she has no interest in being honest, informed, or accurate. Planck continues:

You may choose to be a vegan. Your baby doesn’t have that luxury. Let her grow up omnivorous and healthy.

Yeah, we wouldn’t want to see children suffering like this.

I’ve yet to see Planck, one of the most prominent advocates of raw milk, comment on this week’s recall—probably since she’s too busy making up fresh nonsense about vegans. One of these victims was a thirteen year old girl, who is now in critical condition. (Via Hawthorne.) Link.


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