Moving to Facebook

This morning we linked to a petition site and, in less than half a day, attracted 300 people who want a law forcing slaughterhouses to install video cameras. Unfortunately, I also got unsolicited emails through the petition site after signing the petition. I’ve therefore yanked the link to the site, and I apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced as a result of signing the petition. Websites that don’t respect privacy don’t deserve to survive.

But some great things came of this. We now know that it’s easy to find people who are passionate about forcing slaughterhouses to install cameras. And, as a result of today’s publicity, somebody started a Facebook group for this campaign. Already we’ve got 48 members in just a few hours. Do we have you yet?

Facebook’s not a fly-by-night website. It’s like MySpace for people with taste. And the discussion section that it supports in our campaign’s group should give us the tools to rapidly organize. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Facebook and then click through to join our group!