National Post on Foie Gras

Obnoxious op-ed by Kirk Leech in Canada’s National Post bemoaning the success that animal advocates have had in getting foie gras removed from groceries, restaurant menus, and governmental events. The article includes this humdinger of a lie:

Gavage mimics a natural process by which birds gorge themselves before migratory flight, even if the foie-gras-producing ducks never actually head south in the winter.

It seems a quite stretch for Leech to use the word “mimics” unless ducks in nature somehow push feeding tubes down their throats.

Leech also accuses anti-foie gras activists of practicing, “terrorism of the terrine,” without bothering to cite any evidence of illegal, let alone terroristic, actions.

It’s funny how people who support animal cruelty consistently make ridiculous arguments. (Thanks, Bonnie.) Link.