Nevada and Idaho Attempt to Lure New Factory Egg Farms

Now that California is in the process of eliminating the use of battery cages, government officials in Nevada and Idaho are trying to convince factory farmers to relocate—and they’re also drawing up legislation that will make their states resistant to new animal protection legislation.

The trouble with this approach is that factory farms are expensive to build from scratch—if you’re going to build a new one, you want many years of guaranteed demand in order to earn back your construction costs. Lawmakers may well enact legislation on the production side of things to make their states havens for factory farmers, but these farmers will remain vulnerable on the consumption side. Specifically, with major customers like iHop and Wendy’s inching toward cage-free, and the prospect for new laws being enacted that would ban the sale of battery eggs, this is a risky time to set up shop as a battery cage operation, no matter enticingly despicable a given state’s animal cruelty laws may be. (Via Starkman.) Link.