New CNN Segment on HSUS Downer Pigs Investigation

New CNN Segment on HSUS Downer Pigs Investigation

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CNN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell has revisited this week’s Iowa HSUS pig investigation in a new segment released last night. This time around, she refers to the pork industry’s “dangerous and barbaric practices,” and later says, “It doesn’t take an expert to look at these poor animals and realize there is something ethically wrong here.”

During the segment, Velez-Mitchell is joined by CNN correspondent Nicole Lapin, who says, “Not only is it happening, but it is standard, and it is legal. Eureka, this is not just one bad apple, this is not just one bad farm. They aren’t hiding this, Jane—this is just the way things are done, and just because it’s the way things are done doesn’t necessarily mean it’s humane.”

Considering pork industry’s financial meltdown, this segment couldn’t have been released at a better time. Link.

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