New Environmental Report Compares Beef to Driving

New Environmental Report Compares Beef to Driving

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The Environmental Working Group today released its Meat Eaters’ Guide to Climate Change & Health. This is one guide to meat eating that the meat industry won’t like in the slightest, and it’s bound to give our Meatless Mondays allies a crucial new supply of ammo.

The report indicates that every four ounces of beef produces more greenhouse gases than driving a car six miles. And cheese is nearly as bad.

The unfortunate news for animal advocates is that, compared to beef, chicken produces less than half the greenhouse gases per serving. This could inspire some eco-conscious consumers to switch from beef to chicken—a choice that involves about 200 times more killing to produce the same amount of meat.

But vegan foods turn out to be the best choice of all. Potatoes, grains, and nuts generate about one-fourth the greenhouse gases as chicken. And lentils are even better, with greenhouse gas contributions being negligible. (Via Shapiro and USA Today.) Link: Carbon footprint chart. Link: Full report.

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