New Feature: One-Click Sharing!

I’ve just made it a whole lot easier to spread the word whenever you see a blog post, article, or podcast on that you want to more people to know about. Just click the story’s headline to get to the page that displays the story as a single post. At the bottom of the page you’ll see a bunch of different icons for the top social networking sites. All you have to do is click the icons for whichever of these sites you belong to, and you’ll automatically submit the page you’re currently visiting.

Right now, I’ve enabled icons for: Digg,, Facebook, Google Bookmarks, Mixx, Pownce, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati, and Yahoo’s bookmarking service.

Is there any other social networking site that you would like a button for? Click the Contact form beneath our masthead and let me know.

And please use this feature! A single mouse click could enable hundreds of people who don’t visit to check out what you’ve submitted. A huge part of veggie activism is just getting the right information out to more people, and we’ve just made it easy as can be to do just that. For starters, I’d like to see yesterday’s story about the 150,000 pigs get onto as many social networking sites as possible. Will you help?