New Graphic: Animal Deaths Per Million Calories

You’ve probably already seen the animated web graphic showing the rate of cow, pig, and chicken slaughter in the United States. It’s one of the most innovative and useful projects I’ve ever seen a vegan activist do on the web.

Now its designer, Mark Middleton, is back with another graphic, this time showing the animals deaths associated with producing a million calories from various foods. I corresponded with Mark after he created this, and I’m satisfied that he used the most accurate possible sources—but keep in mind that even the best figures here can only deliver ballpark accuracy.

The graphic is interactive: you can click on its three tabs to show deaths associated with harvest, slaughter, and both harvest and slaughter. If you want to add this to your blog, you can pick up the embedding code here.

Mat Thomas, at the Animal Righter blog, has written a lengthy post about this new graphic.


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