New Slaughterhouse Study: “The Speed Kills You”

The Sioux City Journal has an excellent summary of a brand new report, carried out by Nebraska Appleseed, on slaughterhouse worker safety. The report conducted interviews with 455 workers at nine Nebraska slaughterhouses, and the picture it paints is bleak:

In its report, Appleseed said it found instances of injuries more than seven times higher than the official government report for the occupation.

A seven-fold increase over the government’s injury statistics is staggering. This warrants looking into, to find out if the government has been honest in compiling its data. Link.

And here’s a link to the 107-page report. The 12-page executive summary is well worth reading, especially the first half that provides an overview of worker conditions. And page 96 is a chilling collection of quotations taken from study participants. (Via Hawthorne) Link [PDF].