New York Times Endorses Prop 2

You will never in your life, on any topic, see a newspaper editorial give stronger support to a ballot initiative than this endorsement of Proposition 2 appearing in today’s New York Times. The first and last paragraphs:

The goal of the California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act — Proposition 2 on the state’s November ballot — sounds extremely modest. It would ban the confinement of animals in a way that keeps them from being able to stand, sit, lie down, turn around and extend their limbs. The fact that such fundamental decencies have to be forced upon factory farming says a lot about its horrors. We urge California voters to pass Proposition 2. We urge every state to enact similar laws…

To a California voter still undecided on Proposition 2, we say simply, imagine being confined in the voting booth for life. Would you vote for the right to be able to sit down and turn around and raise your arms?

Victory is still hardly assured, but this editorial inflicted a devastating blow upon factory farming interests. (Thanks, Paul!) Link.


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