News Flash: Rotting Meat Not a Health Hazard

A meat plant owner decided to move his operations to a new facility. And, in abandoning his old processing plant, he left behind some meat to rot. How much? Oh, about 80,000 pounds worth.

The resulting gigantic stench forced the town and volunteers to undertake the massive task of discarding the rotted meat and cleaning the facility. The plant owner says:

If someone would have told me I had left the building in disarray, if there had been rats, mice, vermin running around, I would have said, ’You know what? I’m a negligent person … I feel bad for the people of Bridgewater who had to live with the smell. But that’s really where the extent of my feeling bad goes. It wasn’t ever a health hazard to anyone.

Even in an industry dominated by antisocial jerks, this guy takes being a dick to a new level. Link.