NFL Might Reinstate Vick: “Everyone Makes Mistakes”

I can’t read this statement from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell any other way than that the NFL is planning to let Michael Vick come back:

I’m not going to make a judgment until I know all the facts on Michael Vick. I think it’s clear he’s paid a price, but to a large extent he’s going to have to demonstrate to the larger community — not just to the NFL community and to me — that he has remorse for what he did and that he recognizes mistakes that he made.

Everyone makes mistakes, but he has to show that genuine remorse in his ability to be a positive influence to correct the things that he did wrong publicly.

Either bring him back or don’t bring him back, but please spare us the bullshit of saying he must show remorse. The spectacle of putting Vick in a position where he has to fake remorse in order to return to football is just sickening.

If Vick were truly remorseful, he’d dedicate part of his future earnings and much of his life to doing something to get rid of dog fighting. There are plenty of former meat-eaters who have shown remorse for their past diet by becoming serious animal protection activists.

Maybe, just maybe, Vick will come out as a transformed man and a real friend to the animals. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

The Bears are already considering hiring Vick. Link.